Professional Air Conditioning Maintenance and Tune-Ups


Without regular servicing and tune-ups,heating and cooling systems and waste energy are more likely to break down more frequently. With annual maintenance, you can prevent costly repairs and experience worry-free comfort for years to come. suggests twice-yearly maintenance by a professional—once before summer kicks off, for your cooling system, and once before winter draws near, for your heating system. Furthermore, an annual tune-up will ensure that any problems are caught before they become bigger and expensive.

For example, oiling all moving parts can prolong the life of yourHVAC system. Parts that are not lubricated may wear out faster, which can lead to repair bills.
Coils are what cool your home. Dirty coils reduce their efficiency , so you should make sure they are cleaned during every HVAC tune-up.
All electric connections should be checked and tightened if loose. Loose electrical connections can result in your HVAC system failing.
And, much more...

The professional conducting your tune-up should test for carbon monoxide and make any repairs necessary if it's found, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. They should run the system through its cycles to ensure that the system controls are functioning properly.
To keep your HVAC working optimally, it's has to be tuned up and maintained on time.

So, when is your air conditioner was tuned-up?

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